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Yodole Mobile The People Friendly Network

Pre-Paid 4G LTE/5G
Cellular Service


Run on the Same Reliable Networks The Major U.S. Carriers Use

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Our Services Plan

Our service plan prices include taxes, fees and all other charges normally added with traditional contract service

Coverage Area

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Looking for a landline? We've got that too! Visit 

How it Works

As the People Friendly Network, we make it easy to get connected through Yodole Mobile. Follow these steps.


Verify Qualifying Phone

Before you purchase any of our incredible plans, you should first ensure you have a qualifying phone. Most unlocked GSM phones, new iPhone and Samsung devices that run on T-Mobile will operate our GSM service. Our CDMA plans are compatible with most Verizon smart phones available today.


Purchase Your Plan

Purchasing your plan is easy. Simply select and purchase either a GSM or CDMA line of service, based on your phone compatibility. Once your transaction is complete, our warehouse staff will promptly mail out your new SIM card, including all of the information you need to activate.


Receive Your SIM card

Before your SIM card even makes it to your door, you new line of service will be ready for activation. With your SIM card comes instructions, detailing how to finalize the activation process of your new line of service. You'll come back here to easily and conveniently self manage your account.

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